Thursday, December 22, 2011

selecting the mazaar according to one’s needs

Assalam oalaikum,
I have discussed in my earlier posts that the spiritual levels of the Holy Saints differ. Their duties on earth differ too. Some of them can help their devotees in every way whereas some others may help only in some specific ways. For instance, devotees throng certain mazaars to get rid of black magic spells because such mazaars help specifically in solving problems regarding black magic. If the possessed person or the victim of black magic is taken to some other mazaar then the problem will not get solved there because it is only at specific mazaars that the evil genies are brought to book by the Moakkils of the Saints.
Hence, one should select the mazaar according to the problem. The people who regularly visit the mazaars can be helpful in making the selection because they can give the information about the benefits they have obtained from the mazaar. For example: some people who do not have a child may get one after seeking blessings from a particular mazaar.
The volunteers (khadim) of the mazaars can also guide people about the kind of benefit one may get from the mazaar.
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Amel Soname

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