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Thursday, December 22, 2011

avoid being cursed or punished (rajat) by the Saints

Assalam oalaikum,
Sometimes people can come into conflict with the Saints due to some misconduct. However, just like Allah is all-forgiving, the buzurgs also like to pardon their devotees to appease Allah.
In some cases the devotees can face the wrath of the Holy Saints, particularly the Jalaali Saints, due to some misdemeanor. These Saints can curse a person that may ruin his life or else their Moakkils/genies can do rajat in which case the person may become insane. In order to avoid so much trouble it is of utmost importance that each devotee should show reverence towards the Holy Saints. The more respect is shown towards the Saints the more shall they be pleased.
It should be kept in mind that when we pray before them it should be in a very humble way and not as though they are being ordered to fulfill a particular task. For example, a devotee may have a wish of getting a car. So this would not be the right way to ask for it, ‘Give me a car at the earliest and also a sprawling bungalow so that I may keep the car’. One should make a humble request as though one is pleading before a king. The pray should be made in a low voice to show respect towards the Saint in the following fashion: Oh Holy Saint! Thou are a noble soul and Allah is merciful towards you. He listens to you. So kindly pray to Allah on my behalf so that he fulfills my desire. I am merely a needy person whereas you distribute blessings of Allah to all. I have come to you to seek your blessings. Kindly have mercy on me. Oh Holy Saint! I am not in a position to grant anybody with anything but thou hast been granted immense powers from Allah. So kindly help me with your powers and fulfill my needs. Oh Holy Saint! I have come to thou with a lot of hope and seek your noble attention. I desperately need a car, so kindly grant me one. Please grant me a spacious bungalow also so that I may park my car easily. For sake of Allah, please fulfill this wish of mine’.
This is an example of asking the Noble Saints for boons.
Besides praying before them in a humble way one should avoid the following blunders to avoid invoking their wrath:
Avoid eating or even carrying stuff like paan, gutka or cigarettes with you inside the premises of the mazaar.
Ogling at women folk or gazing at their bosom should be strictly avoided.
The women should also observe purdah (veil) to avoid all this.
Women should not be allowed to visit mazaars during the menstrual cycle.
Women visiting mazaars with their hair let loose is another instance where rajat can be done by the moakkils.
Avoid using foul language in the mazaars and screaming.
Avoid getting engaged in fights and in other satanic activities.
In a nutshell, every visitor to the mazaar should remember that it is a sacred place. The devotees should therefore maintain decorum and not indulge in any misdemeanor. Otherwise a single blunder on their part may spoil their whole life.

Amel soname contact

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