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Thursday, December 22, 2011

visiting the holy shrines and making the Saints a source to approach Allah is permissible in Islam.

Assalam oalaikum,
All praise is for Allah who has sent upon earth the Holy Quran and our beloved Prophet Mohammad (SAW) to show us the right path. A lot of people are against the idea of visiting the mazaars /shrines of our Buzurgs/Saints. In this post I have made an attempt to prove that visiting graves is permissible in the light of Quran.
Allah says in Surah Nisa, chapter#4, verse#64 that:

64We sent not an apostle, but to be obeyed, in accordance with the will of Allah. If they had only, when they were unjust to themselves, come unto thee and asked Allah.s forgiveness, and the Messenger had asked forgiveness for them, they would have found Allah indeed Oft-returning, Most Merciful.
If we observe this verse then we may note that Allah says unto Prophet Mohammad (SAW) that “The people come unto thee…” In many religious texts this verse has been explained in such a way that people visit Huzur’s SAW shrine and ask him for forgiveness. Our Prophet Mohammad (SAW) then makes an appeal to Allah for forgiveness on behalf of those people. Such people definitely find Allah to be forgiving and merciful”.
What we do in the present times is also similar to this practice because we also visit the dargaahs and ask the Saints to carry forth our prayers to Allah, who is the most merciful and benevolent and who answers our prayers.

Allah talah Says in surah tauba

Of their goods, take alms, that so thou mightest purify and sanctify them; and pray on their behalf. Verily thy prayers are a source of security for them: And Allah is One Who heareth and knoweth.

Surah Tauba, chapter #9, verse# 103 states that Allah asks Prophet Mohammad (SAW) to pray for his ummat (followers) as his prayers provide them with relief.

Allah talah says in surah bakarah

67And remember Moses said to his people: "(Allah) commands that ye sacrifice a heifer." They said: "Makest thou a laughing-stock of us?" He said: "(Allah) save me from being an ignorant (fool)!"

68They said: "Beseech on our behalf Thy Lord to make plain to us what (heifer) it is!" He said; "He says: The heifer should be neither too old nor too young, but of middling age. Now do what ye are commanded!"

69They said: "Beseech on our behalf Thy Lord to make plain to us Her colour." He said: "He says: A fawn-coloured heifer, pure and rich in tone, the admiration of beholders!"

70They said: "Beseech on our behalf Thy Lord to make plain to us what she is: To us are all heifers alike: We wish indeed for guidance, if Allah wills."

71He said: "He says: A heifer not trained to till the soil or water the fields; sound and without blemish." They said: "Now hast thou brought the truth." Then they offered her in sacrifice, but not with good-will.

In Surah Baqarah, chapter#2, verses# 67-71 there is a recurring mention of Hazrat Moosa’a followers pleading before him to pray to Allah on their behalf. Hence, if Hazrat Moosa’s followers can do so then why can’t we visit the holy shrines of Saints and pray to Allah making them an intermediary? The answer is a simple yes because Allah hears the prayers made by the Saints.

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