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Thursday, December 22, 2011

showing reverence towards the holy Saints

Assalam oalaikum,
There are certain etiquettes that need to be followed to maintain the decorum of the mazaars. This would be beneficial for the devotees.
Proper hygiene should be maintained to show reverence towards the sanctity of that place.
Perform ablution/wazu before visiting a mazaar.
One should fold one’s hands.
Perform Fatiha, i.e. recite Surah Fatyah and the 4 Quls or else recite the verses from the Holy Quran you know by heart.
Then pray to Allah to grant the Saints with the sawab or blessings from the verses.
Then sit down in the mazar in the same position in which we sit while reciting Attahiyaat during namaz.
The females should wear a burqa compulsorily because the Saints belong to Allah and at Allah’s house obeying his command, which states that women folk should wear a veil, is obligatory.
Devotees should not talk loudly at mazaars and avoid disturbing others.
If it is necessary to attend a phone call then it should be done outside the mazaar.
If a devotee has a problem of flatulence then he or she should go outside the mazaar to expel it. Then the devotee should return to the mazaar after performing ablution or wazu.
Avoid smoking cigarettes or eating betel nut (paan), gutka etc in the mazaar.
Such stuff should not be taken within the premises of the mazaar also.
It is commendable to use a rose scent (ittar).
If the males wear a topi (headgear) then it would be appreciable too.

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